Subcontractor Services: framers

CCA can provide you that additional as needed estimating help that will keep your overhead under control and your estimates still flowing. Don’t turn down potential work now just because you “don’t have time” to look at the plans and do a proper takeoff.  Let us do the quantity survey and you can put your own prices and markups to projects that you might not otherwise have a chance to bid. Use your valuable time in marketing your company, running your work or paying attention to quality control in the field.

We can provide you with change management assistance during construction, insuring that you get paid for additional work and that you can justify changed conditions to support contract modification negotiations.  The use of a disinterested third party in supporting your change order request can make a huge difference in how it is received by Owners,  Architects and General Contractors.

We use Excel ™ spreadsheets as our primary estimating tool which generally provides the required flexibility to adapt to your particular estimating system and techniques.  We belong to the local plan rooms and can perform our takeoffs either at our location, yours or even the plan rooms if required (depending on project complexity). We can provide detailed estimates for almost any CSI division and can generally deliver an estimate in just a few days, depending on our current backlog.

Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can become a valuable team partner in your business and discuss your requirements and our abilities to support you in your goals.

Contact us via phone at (505) 998-3058 or via E-mail at:

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